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7 Ivory Crescent, Woongarrah, NSW 2259

John and Natalie have been married for 10 years. They have 3 beautiful children. They love the Central Coast and it's easy to see why.

With local lakes, beaches and playgrounds who wouldn't love the outdoor lifestyle it provides? Not to mention the laid back and friendly nature of the locals. Having a young family themselves they realised there is no better place to raise a family.

“The Central Coast is a friendly place you can walk down the street in your suburb and say g'day as you bump into people you know. It's that friendly nature of the locals here that gives our region a homely feel and makes it a great place to bring up a family.” - John

Since buying their first property in 2009 (at the young ages of 24 and 20) John and Natalie  have first hand experience of the local property market from both sides of the fence as buyers and vendors. Having this experience they know the unique qualities of the suburbs on the Central Coast and how buyers interpret them.

John prides himself with honesty and great communication skills so you know exactly what is happening with your property every step of the way.

“I love being able to maintain a high level of service as an agent, being mobile means I am able to communicate with my clients at longer hours.” - John

Key things Natalie has learnt from her career in Hospitality is communication and organisation. With a young family looking ahead and communicating with each other is always important which will ensure her clients never feel they are overlooked.
“Knowing from first hand experience, selling or buying can be a stressful time. We try to make things as easy as possible by making sure we are with our clients every step of the way.” - Natalie

Spending time with people and finding solutions to problems is what John is most passionate about, and it's that real love of what he does that makes him stand out as an effective sales specialist.

“The daily interaction with people is what I love most. The feeling of being able to get to know someone, find out what it is they want and then deliver that to them is what makes being an agent so enjoyable for me.”  - John
When looking at selling or buying a property on the Central Coast this husband and wife team are the perfect duo to help you out.

Specialty Suburb:
JN Property Co is a Proud Member of the Eview Group.
Australia’s first multi-brand real estate network

Specialty Suburb:
  • Woongarrah

JN Property Co is a Proud Member of the Eview Group.
Australia’s first multi-brand real estate network

‘Eview Group Proud Member’ symbol represents more than just a logo.

Member agencies and their teams are selected because of their dedication to their profession, exceptional customer service and for their track record of success.

They are not only professionals with great talent, but those with heart, purpose and an inherent DNA of going beyond what is normally expected.

As a result, our customers get to experience the best of both worlds; boutique service with absolute reliability, backed by the support of Australia’s most progressive real estate services company, the Eview Group; helping real estate agencies connect people with property.

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